The OB ED (Obstetrical Emergency Department)

Huntington Hospital has a 24-hour Obstetrical Emergency Department (we call it OB ED). This is a special area located in the Labor and Delivery Unit. All Ob patients 20 weeks pregnant or beyond who are coming to Huntington Hospital for urgent problems or emergencies are directed to the OB ED.

This includes conditions such as:

  • possible labor or preterm labor
  • possible rupture of membranes
  • vaginal bleeding or spotting
  • decreased fetal movement
  • major illness after 20 weeks of pregnancy
  • evaluation after a fall or accident
  • many other conditions

Medical Screening Exam

The purpose of the OB ED is for you to be evaluated as soon as possible after your arrival. In order for this to consistently occur, there is an Ob/Gyn physician assigned to the OB ED 24 hours a day. His or her job is to perform a Medical Screening Exam (MSE) on every patient presenting to the OB ED, in order to determine if your condition is stable, or urgent, or rarely a life-or-death emergency.

A MSE is a brief exam, for the purpose of collecting enough information to determine the urgency of the situation. It is not designed to be a full and complete evaluation, which is why it is called a screening exam.

Once the MSE has been performed, your regular Ob/Gyn physician (or the physician on-call for our group) is notified of the results of this exam. After the OB ED physician performs their brief MSE and speaks to your physician (or on-call colleague), further management will be determined.