OB Transfer of Care

Sometime patients need to (or choose to) switch OB doctors during their pregnancy.
We welcome all pregnant patients who would like to be seen, at any stage of pregnancy (see below for late pregnancy transfer of care).

If you have had any OB care elsewhere, please provide us a full and complete copy of your medical records, including blood tests, ultrasounds and physician notes.

You can mail these, fax them or attach them to an e-mail, whichever is easiest!

Late Transfers (Final Month of Pregnancy)

If you are in the final month of your pregnancy, we need to review your medical records BEFORE we accept you as a transfer patient. It is generally not optimal medical care for a patient to change doctors in the final month of pregnancy. Of course, sometimes there is no choice such as if you have to relocate. Regardless, we still need to review your records before we accept the responsibility of taking care of you for the remainder of this pregnancy.

Your first visit will be with the physician. Your records and tests will be carefully reviewed for completeness, and to help determine your medical care needs going forwards.

Useful Forms and Links

New Patient Information Form

Insurance Information Form

OB Patient History Form

Records Release Form

Here is a link to the New OB patient page on our web site.