Breast Milk Donation*

(*text from Prolacta Bioscience)

Mothers who donate have a wide variety of reasons for becoming breast milk donors. Some have previously given birth to a preterm or critically ill infant. Others have known someone with a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit. Still others simply have an excess of pumped milk in their freezer and wish to put it to a good use.

Why is donor milk so important? Human milk is vital to the health and well-being of all babies, but for babies born too early, too small, or critically ill, donated human milk has the potential to make the difference between a long hospital stay with many complications, or a quick recovery and the ability to go home sooner.

Increasingly, parents are asking that their babies receive only human milk while in the hospital. While a mother’s breast milk can provide a large percentage of their baby’s needs, the premature infant needs more protein and calories than are naturally occurring in mother’s milk. Through delivery of concentrated human milk protein, babies are able to get the nutrition they need to grow while being fed exclusively human milk.


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