After Hours Phone Calls

This is a “life or death” emergency.

Although rare, an emergency like this should be dealt with by calling 911 for the most rapid response possible.

“This is an urgent problem and the doctor needs to be paged immediately.”

Call (626) 304-2626, and listen to the message. Press 1 for urgent, and then listen to the next message.

You will be told how to get hold of the on-call ob/gyn doctor. Use this approach whenever there is a problem that you feel cannot wait until the office re-opens for business. When the voice mail message begins, listen to hear which doctor is on-call and then follow the instructions.You might need to call another phone number.

For emergencies during lunch hours

From 12 p.m. -1:30 p.m.,  our office is closed for lunch,  Please call 626-304-2626 and follow the instructions.

If you can't reach the doctor and the problem is urgent.

Rarely, there is a problem with the beeper service or the doctor(s) are actively involved in another emergency. You may then call the direct line to the paging service for Fair Oaks Women's Health which is 877-568-8550.

Additionally, in an emergency, you may call directly to Huntington Hospital Labor and Delivery, 626-397-5069. There are nurses and a 24-hour on-call obstetrician available. Because this is the actual phone number for L & D, please use it only if absolutely necessary.

For non-urgent messages when the office is closed - use our voice mail line (626-696-2688)

If your message can wait until the office re-opens, please call our voice mail line at 626-696-2688 and leave a message for any of our employees.These are picked up the next business day soon after we open.


When leaving us a message, please speak your phone number slowly and clearly and then repeat it. Some people say their number very quickly and then hang up right after. Many times we cannot hear every number, and then we cannot call you back.

CALL US BACK if you do not get a call from the doctor.

The doctor might be scrubbed in to a delivery or surgery when you place your call. Also, please do not assume that technology is 100% effective. Phone calls sometimes do not go through. Pagers might have low batteries. Doctors might be inside a building where the signal is blocked. There are MANY reasons why a doctor might not be returning your call in a timely manner.

If you do not get a call back within 15-30 minutes, please call the on-call doctor again.

Our job is to be available to help you. Your job is to get hold of us if you need our help.