Pregnancy can be a stressful time for a couple. Sometimes there are health concerns, tests are being done and medical questions arise. We understand that at times, the spouse or partner of the patient might have questions for us or would like us to report the test results directly to him or her. Due to legal and ethical issues regarding patient confidentiality, we are unable to do this.

We are only allowed to share medical information directly with the patient.
Patients are entitled to strict confidentiality, and we strive our utmost to maintain this.

If a patient would like us to freely discuss any and all of their health concerns, questions or test results with their spouse or partner, this can be arranged. We will need a letter written to us by the patient giving us permission to discuss any and all medical visits, findings or test results with another individual (provide their name and relationship to the patient).

On this form you can give permission for us to discuss your medical information with someone else.

Thank you for your understanding.