The law states that a physician can place a patient on disability only if the patient has a medical condition that prevents her from performing her regular job. Patients with high-risk pregnancies can be placed on disability at any time during the pregnancy continuing until 6-8 weeks postpartum.

Normal pregnant women can go on disability 4 weeks before their due date (at 36 weeks) and can remain on disability until 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery (or up to 8 weeks after a Cesarean Section). However, a normal, healthy pregnant woman may choose to continue working past 36 weeks gestation if she wishes to.

At 36 weeks, disability is referred to as Pregnancy Disability. Prior to that it is called Medical Disability.


Once a doctor declares that a patient is medically disabled, the patient may be eligible for benefits provided she has disability insurance coverage. This coverage may be a private policy, an employer-provided benefit or may be through the State of California, which is called the SDI program. 


Some high-risk patients might benefit from being able to park in handicapped spaces. This can be arranged, so please let us know if you feel that you need this service.

Pregnancy Leave

California Paid Family Leave

Pregnancy Discrimination

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Please note that you can also file SDI Online.