Early Pregnancy Visit

Ideally, we would like to have you see either the doctor or the nurse practitioner for an early pregnancy visit, even by 5-6 weeks, if possible. This is called your pregnancy confirmation visit.

One purpose of this visit is to make sure that you really are pregnant.
Another is to screen for dangerous conditions such as ectopic pregnancy or possible miscarriage. Sometimes you are only 5-6 weeks, so it might be too soon for an ultrasound at this early visit.

But, seeing you this early gives us a chance to make sure you are okay and to see if there are any signs of a possible problem, such as pain or spotting, that might suggest a risk for miscarriage. If you are having severe morning sickness, we can evaluate you for possible prescription medication. At this visit we provide you with some handouts, educational materials and prenatal vitamins. We will arrange for your first ultrasound soon! If you are a high risk pregnancy, then you will also make an appointment with the physician (soon) to go over those issues in depth.