Early Ultrasound (sono or sonogram)

This early OB ultrasound is very important. We might do one at the very first early OB visit, or we might need to wait just a short time in order for the sono to be meaningful. A good time for this sono is about 8 weeks along.

This early sono helps in the following ways:

  1. Establish that the pregnancy is normal and healthy (viable)
  2. Determine whether there is one or a multiple gestation (twins occur in 1/100 spontaneous conceptions)
  3. Help us to accurately determine your due date (often the patient is not as far along due to having irregular cycles)
  4. This is also an opportunity to get your first baby pictures!

Please plan on arriving at least 30 minutes early for this appointment to make sure all of the paperwork is completed.

If we have not yet done so, we may also provide you with a prescription for prenatal vitamins, arrange for your first prenatal blood tests, and determine if there are any medical situations that might require the doctor to evaluate you immediately. You should also receive a "goodie bag" containing some important forms (and some goodies, too). To save paper, many of our forms are now on a USB thumb drive that we give to our new OB patients.

After this visit, you will make your appointment for an OB Consult with the Obstetrician you chose, usually within a couple of weeks (sooner for high-risk patients). This is a meeting with the doctor to discuss your planned obstetrical care. At this visit the doctor will address your concerns about the pregnancy and discuss medical recommendations for your prenatal care and go over all of the prenatal testing options.