Medical Emergencies

Dr. Jick, Dr. Park, Dr. Fong, Dr. Mitri, Dr. Woo and Dr. Engorn are on-call often. They try to deliver their own patients, but doctors also take time off to be with their families, take vacations and attend medical education conferences.

Be assured that there is always an Ob/Gyn doctor available (on-call) 24 hours a day. If you call when our
office is closed (call 626-304-2626 our main phone number), you will either reach a voice mail system
or an answering service.

If you reach a voice mail, listen carefully and follow the instructions. If you reach the doctor’s exchange, you may have to discuss your condition with the operator, a non-medically trained individual.

On-Call Coverage

After Hours Phone Calls

OB Emergency Dept (OB ED)

The Laborist Program