Epidurals (brief)

24 hour Obstetrical Anesthesia

Anesthesia (pain relief) is available 24 hours a day. Huntington Hospital is one of the very few Los Angeles hospitals to offer around-the-clock dedicated obstetrical anesthesia coverage. There is a different anesthesiologist on-call for emergency room and trauma patients. Therefore, an anesthesiologist is always in or near the labor area. Epidural anesthesia is available at all times, upon your request. You do not have to “make a reservation.”

We support your freedom to choose how you will deal with your labor pains. We will support you if you desire drug-free natural childbirth, and we will support you if you want your epidural as soon as you check in to the hospital!

Epidurals have proven themselves to be a safe and effective means of having very good pain relief during labor, however there are some risks and side effects to having epidurals as well. We can further discuss epidural anesthesia to any level of detail that you wish.

Here are some truths about epidural:

Epidurals are available UPON REQUEST at Huntington Hospital

Epidurals can slow down labor, but this is easily counteracted by using low dose Pitocin intravenously

Epidurals can be given late in labor, even at full dilation, if you can hold still for the procedure

Most patients with epidural can still push the baby out effectively and without pain

Epidurals DO NOT increase the risk of Cesarean Section

Please see our web site for a more detailed discussion of epidurals