Gender Determination

Valid Methods

The only valid ways to truly determine the sex of your baby before delivery are the following:


Selnas Method, BabyChoice, Jonas Method, Chinese Calendar, GenSelect, Smart Stork

These methods involve predicting or causing the sex of the baby depending on the day of fertilization using some type of "mystical" calendar or some magical vitamin or vaginal douche. There are many variations. They require some bizarre calculations using the stars, the sun, the horoscope, or some natural formula determined after "years of painstaking research". They all involve sending money to some company that promises amazing results with a money-back guarantee. Just try to get your money back.

These promoters and their web sites are awful. They use pseudo-scientific language, yet in reality their explanations are scientifically impossible. However, since many people trust scientific-like explanations they will send their money and take their chances. These methods are a scam, are bogus, and anyone who spends money on them deserves to be ripped off.