Huntington Hospital Childbirth Education (626-397-8768)

(formerly referred to as Lamaze Classes)

Huntington Hospital offers a variety of classes for pregnant women and their families. 

Our advice is to start the class registration process during your 5th-6th month of pregnancy. Then, try to schedule these classes during months 7 and 8, when you are closer to your due date (but not too close or you might be too tired to go to the classes!)

Childbirth Preparation Class – A 3-part class

This class series offers information regarding the process of labor and birth. The class topics include common signs of labor, the stages and phases of Labor, and the baby's movements through the body. Class information includes multiple coping strategies for the woman in labor and her partner to use during the vaginal birth experience. The supportive role of the labor partner is explored. Assisting the birthing woman with movement, upright positioning, use of the birth ball, breathing and massage are demonstrated and practiced in class.

Infant Care and You – A 2-part class
This class helps you build confidence in your ability to parent your baby. This two class series offers information about the physical recovery of the mother from her pregnancy and the birth. The class investigates some key adjustments to life at home with a new baby. Topics covered include the new baby’s behavior, and sleep patterns. New parents learn skills to quiet a crying baby, change a diaper, give a bath and recognize signs of illness. 

Breastfeeding Basics -  A single 3-hour class
This class provides instruction on breastfeeding techniques as well as encouragement and support for a woman’s choice to provide breast milk for her baby. Topics include milk production, positioning and attachment techniques and prevention and relief of common problems. Establishing milk supply and providing breast milk for a baby who is not yet able to breastfeed is also discussed. Fathers are also encouraged to attend. 50-75% of women attending are accompanied by their husbands or special support persons. 

Infant CPR Class - A single 3-hour class
This CPR class for parents and caregivers of infants and children. Please note that no children or infants are allowed in the classroom. The class teaches the basic principles of CPR and obstructed airway procedures for infants and children and discusses safety issues for inside and outside the home. (No information on adult CPR is presented.)

Maternity Tour – Call 626- 397-5037 
1st Sunday at 2:00 p.m. and 3rd Monday at 7:00 p.m. Advance sign-up is required. Click here.

Mommy and Me (after you deliver)

Classes include song time, parachute play and bubbles with baby. There is a group discussion on a variety of baby and parent related topics. The baby should be between the ages of 8 weeks and 9 months to participate in this class.

For all of the above classes, it is a good idea to register well in advance, (ideally before week 24 of the pregnancy), since these classes are very popular and some time slots fill up quickly.

For more information: Childbirth Education Office
Tel: 626-397-8768.
Fax: 626-397-2923.