Hospital Food

People expect hospital food to be bad. Huntington’s is definitely above average as hospital food goes.

Huntington provides a room-service type concept for meals. You can call them and order something like in a hotel, and in the morning, someone comes by to take your day's order as well. Nifty.

Our Cafeteria

The beautiful cafeteria in the West Tower is open about 20 hours out of 24 and very good food can be obtained there, plus they sell lots of snacks and juices. They have a great salad bar, a pizza oven for home-made pizza, and a fantastic drink selection. The seating area is huge, and on the North side is an outdoor patio with a lovely fountain. This place definitely can make you forget that you are in a hospital.

Outside Food

Also, there is no restriction on food brought in from outside, so you may want to pack some non-perishable snacks for after delivery, or have someone bring you something to eat or drink after you arrive in the postpartum Maternity Unit.