State Disability Insurance (SDI)

The State of California pays disability benefits to employed pregnant women, provided that they are covered under SDI, which is usually a payroll deduction. Not every employee qualifies for this benefit, and if you are eligible, you still need to file a claim form. We can provide you with the proper claim form, or you can contact any branch of the E.D.D. (Employment Development Dept.).

You need only fill out a brief section, and we do the rest. SDI benefits do not begin until the 8th day after the onset of your disability and they extend until 6 weeks after the due date (or up to 8 weeks if a Cesarean Section). If you are still disabled at that time, you will receive a disability extension form from the State that we need to fill out.

Private Disability Insurance

If your disability policy is other than SDI, there likely will be different forms, different guidelines and possibly different terms of coverage. You will need to clarify these with whoever is providing the coverage. We will provide you with a physician’s certificate of disability, and we will be glad to help you fill out your disability coverage forms.