Multiple Gestation (Twins and Triplets)

The care of patients with multiple gestation is an important part of our practice.

Since being in practice, we have had the privilege to participate in the care and delivery of over two hundred patients carrying either twins or triplets (over 200 sets of  twins and about 15-20 sets of triplets).
Dr. Jick’s first years in practice were with Dr. Marc Lebed, an expert in high-risk pregnancy.
Together, they delivered a lot of multiples!

We have special protocols for caring for patients with multiple gestation. We perform many more office visits and many ultrasounds. We use different nutritional supplements. We educate patients extensively about the early warning signs of preterm labor. We discuss activity levels and restrictions, curtailing of exercise, when to stop working and when to begin increased bed rest. We use fetal fibronectin testing and cervical length ultrasound to assess for risks of premature labor.

Here are some resources for parents or expectant parents of a multiple gestation: 

Twins Club: Terrific Twosome Mother of Multiples (affiliated with National Mothers of Twins), open to families with or expecting twins, triplets (or more!). Meetings with guest speakers, parties, lots of support. Over 100 active members.

Twinsight: The director, Eileen Pearlman, Ph.D. (Santa Monica) is a nationally recognized expert on raising twins. She has co-authored the book “Raising Twins: What Parents Want to Know,” Twinsight has workshops for parents expecting twins, and they also provide professional counseling and evaluation for individuals and families. Go to:

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