Newborn Security

Huntington has great newborn security. The security measures are so comprehensive that I am not allowed to tell you all of them, but I will mention a few items that you should know:

1. We are a locked unit. Before you can get in to L&D or Maternity, you must make a phone call at the locked entry door where we have a security camera in place. Then you can be buzzed in.

2. All newborns receive a non-removable ID badge with a unique code number on it and your name. Then mom and dad get exactly the same ID badge, and are expected to wear this badge until they take the baby home. Whenever your baby is handed to you, the number on their badge must be matched to the number on yours.

3. Only specially designated personnel are allowed to take your baby from you. They must wear a special photo ID badge and you should ask to see this ID badge before handing your baby to anyone for any reason.

4. We have really good security guards, and one guy in particular is HUGE. I hope you meet Wayne. The only thing bigger than his muscles is his smile.