Your OB doctor tries to meet every OB patient by 10-12 weeks pregnant. The doctor has already reviewed your file prior to this visit and if high-risk factors are noted, the consult will be arranged even sooner.

At this appointment we discuss the following:

  • any symptoms or concerns you might be having
  • prescribe medication if this is necessary, such as for morning sickness or progesterone supplementation
  • review your past medical and obstetrical history (filled out in advance)
  • determine your correct due date (which might change compared to what you thought it was!)
  • review your prenatal lab results
  • review any pertinent medical records
  • answer your questions - bring some questions!
  • help you make informed decisions on issues such as prenatal testing. This includes tests such as the non-invasive prenatal test (NIPT) for fetal DNA in the mother's blood, plus traditional tests such as the
    NT (nuchal translucency), afp (alphafetoprotein), genetic carrier screening tests, and others.
  • discuss our "prenatal plan" for you such as return prenatal visits, ultrasounds, scheduling of tests, and any specific issues based on your medical situation (such as the need for prescription medications, the need to see other medical specialists, etc.)
  • offer you a seasonal flu vaccine (if it is flu season)
  • determine if you are high-risk and explain how this affects your prenatal management