Pregnancy Checklist

1st Trimester

  • Read our Pregnancy Guide.
  • Take prenatal vitamins once a day with DHA. Most PN Vits include DHA. If not, a good DHA supplement is called Expecta.
  • We also advise a daily Calcium Supplement…Citracal or Tums, 1-2 per day.
  • Have your first prenatal lab panel done. We will provide you with the lab slip at your first appointment.
  • You will receive information on prenatal screening tests, called Integrated Screening. Please look this over.
  • Decide if you are interested in the nuchal translucency test (the NT test) which is done at 12 weeks
    gestation here in our office. This is the first of two prenatal screening tests.
  • The second prenatal screening test is the afp test, also called the alpha-fetoprotein test, done at 16 weeks.
  • If you are going to be age 35 by the due date, or if there are any genetic diseases in your family, you may be a candidate for an amniocentesis instead of the afp blood test. This issue will be discussed by the doctor at your OB consult appt.
  • If you are interested in CVS, done at about 11 weeks, please tell us right away.
  • A NEW test can detect fetal DNA in the mother's blood! Very exciting technology. This test can be done as early as 10 weeks pregnant. Read about the MaterniT 21 Plus test.

Third Trimester 

  • All patients are tested for possible gestational diabetes about 26-28 weeks. In addition, if you are
    Rh Negative, you will need additional blood tests at that time followed by a Rhogam injection.
  • Decide about childbirth preparation classes. First-time patients may want to take Prepared Childbirth Classes, breast-feeding, infant care and others. Call Huntington’s Childbirth Education Dept. at 626-397-8768 for more information.
  • Send in your pre-registration form to Huntington Hospital. If you do not yet have a Pediatrician, leave that section blank.
  • If you have never seen Huntington Hospital’s Birthing Center, you may attend a free tour.
    Call 626-397-5037.
  • Select a Pediatrician for the baby’s care while in the hospital. We can recommend one, but many patients wish to ask around and pick someone of their own choosing. Verify that your selected Pediatrician is on your child’s medical insurance plan and is on staff at Huntington.
  • If you are planning on having a tubal ligation (tying the tubes), please be sure that you have signed the California State Sterilization Consent Form.
  • Any balance due should be paid by the 28th week. Please discuss all financial issues with our office manager.
  • Make a decision about umbilical cord blood banking. We work closely with the Cord Blood Registry.
  • If you work, once you have determined your last day of work, we can help you submit a disability claim. You may want to also look into the California Paid Family Leave program.
  • Contact your insurance carrier about 1 month before your due date to be sure that they are aware that you are pregnant, and that there have been no unexpected problems with your coverage. If you are planning on having a Cesarean, or a tubal ligation, or both, be sure they know about these issues as well.


  • After you deliver, we will bill your insurance. If you are billing them yourself, you will need a “SUPERBILL” from us. Put the baby’s birthday on the superbill before sending it to your insurance company.
  • Read our Postpartum Information. There is good information on breastfeeding.
  • After delivery, call to schedule your postpartum appointment. We would like to see you 6 weeks after having a vaginal delivery, and 1-2 weeks after having a Cesarean delivery.