Sexual Activity During Pregnancy

For patients with normal low-risk pregnancies, there are no specific restrictions on traditional sexual intercourse. There may be slight discomfort requiring the use of different positions. There is occasional spotting after relations. If this occurs, please let us know. Libido can decrease, increase or remain the same while pregnant.

Male to female oral sex is not advised during pregnancy, as there have been rare reports that air entering the vagina can cause a serious condition called an embolism.

Patients with high-risk pregnancies, such as twins, premature labor, high blood pressure, bleeding, etc., may need to abstain.

Feel free to discuss any and all concerns with us at any time.

Definition of Pelvic Rest

We often tell patients to go on pelvic rest due to some situation that they are having such as spotting, cramping or premature labor. To us pelvic rest is the following:

  • No sexual intercourse
  • No self stimulation leading to climax (which can cause strong uterine contractions)
  • (orgasm can occur while sleeping, this is not a cause for alarm as it is involuntary)
  • Nothing inside the vagina
  • No exercise other than routine daily walking
  • No strenuous activity such as lifting or carrying heavy objects