The 6 Week Checkup

After Discharge from the Hospital

Please call the office (626-304-2626) to schedule your postpartum check-ups. We like to see you at 6 weeks postpartum after vaginal delivery, and about 1-2 weeks and then 6 weeks postpartum for cesarean birth. Please bring us a new baby picture, better yet, bring your baby (or babies)  to your check-ups also!

After the 6 Week Checkup

After the 6-week check-up, we usually give patients the “green light.” This means we allow you to resume intercourse and to resume or begin exercise and/or dieting. If you are breast-feeding, it is still possible to lose weight, but the timing needs to be gradual, maybe aiming for one pound per week of loss. Weight Watchers has a program for weight loss while lactating.


We prefer that you start off slowly, maybe 30 minutes, 2-3 times a week for the first 1-2 weeks, then gradually increase to the level that you would like to attain. Initially, we advise focusing on cardiovascular (‘CARDIO’) type exercises, as this is how that body develops stamina.

Treadmill, walking, stationery biking, dance or aerobics classes, swimming are all excellent forms of ‘cardio.’ One fun type of cardio that is becoming very popular is the “stroller strides” type of class which combines walking the baby in the stroller with various types of cardiovascular and strengthening exercises. One meets at Cal tech, others are in Arcadia and So. Pasadena.

STROLLER STRIDERS: Call 626-203-3120 or go to