Lab Results

We will always try to contact you once an abnormal lab result has been obtained. Routine blood test results are available within 2 working days, and culture results within 4 working days. Certain tests take longer. These include the California State afp test, and any fetal DNA tests (such as MaterniT21 Plus and Progenity), and amniocentesis and final CVS results.

We use Primex Labs for our Blood and Urine Tests and Cultures. They are a reliable, high quality lab whom we trust, they provide results in a timely fashion and they are now conveniently located in our office. Please read the web page about Primex Labs. This is a separate company and is NOT part of Fair Oaks Women's Health. We provide the Primex Labs collection center in our office as a courtesy and convenience for our patients. We do not profit from ANY of the testing provided by Primex Labs.

We also use Pasadena Cytopathology Group at Huntington Hospital for most Pap Smears and Tissue Specimens.

Make sure you know which Lab is covered by your Insurance Plan

It is possible that the above labs may not be contracted with your health insurance plan. There are many different plans; each with their own preferred labs. Therefore, we are unable to accept the responsibility of knowing which lab to use. If this is a concern, we urge you to contact your insurance company or health plan.

If you wish to have your blood work, Pap smear or tissue sample performed or processed at a different lab, other than mentioned above, it is your responsibility to let us know in advance.

Thank you for your understanding.