What to Take to the Hospital

From your first arrival in the hospital until your discharge home, your stay may include between 3 and 6 different rooms. Light packing is the key and bring a minimal amount of stuff to the labor suite. Do not bring expensive items such as watches or jewelry and do not bring large amounts of cash.

  • Cord Blood Donation kit, if you are doing this. Keep the kit out in the open so we know its there. Be sure the nurse draws extra blood for use in the Cord Blood Kit (avoids a 2nd blood draw later)
  • Labor support items such as tennis ball, back rubbing devices, small fans, special photos, ipods with speakers or CD music (CD players are in the LDR’s)
  • Any prescription medication you are taking. All prescription drugs must be in their original container with the medical label attached
  • Chap stick is also a good idea
  • Slippers or warm socks (older ones are better in case they get soiled)
  • Perhaps a favorite pillow
  • If you wear contact lenses, bring glasses as a back-up
  • Camera, extra batteries, video camera and charging cord, maybe one disposable camera just in case 
  • Cell phone and charger, plus a list of phone numbers to call from the birthing suite
  • Bottled water or clear juice. Perhaps some snacks for afterwards or for guests or dad
  • If epidural is planned, you may have “free time” during labor. Reading materials, playing cards, even DVD’s and laptop PC’s may come in handy (don’t laugh)
  • All items needed postpartum, such as overnight toiletries and clothing should be kept in a separate case, maybe even in the car, to be retrieved after your arrival in the postpartum area.